//Casper „Lang Lebe Der Tod“ – 2017

Back in Germany! Because Casper was also able to create awesome music before his association with Marteria! “Lang lebe der Tod” (Long live the death) is the fourth album of the German Singer Casper (2017). It’s not his most emotional album (a post about XOXO ist coming soon ?) but maybe the most honest. Casper paints a raw portrait of our modern society and its torments. “Lang lebe der Tod” illustrates the fascination for factual, sensationalism. “Alles ist erleuchtet” (Everything ist lightened up) is more a criticism of a society of appearances, subterfuges and superficial. A song like“Deborah” deals with the torments of a depression. Casper places himself as an omniscient character able to understand things better than an normal person like in “Morgellon”, (“ich seh was du nicht siehst”/ I see what you can’t see). But he never does it like a arrogant all-knowing smart-arse, but shows is the world through the eyes of a guy who already experienced a lot of difficult situations. A man who knows that the life will always be a roller coaster. And I’m really happy to see him nowadays on a peak of his carrier!

Official Website : http://www.casperxo.com/


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