//Elton John – „Tumbleweed Connection“ – October 1970

One week with… Elton John! 7 days, 7 albums, 7 songs.

Day 3:

The Album: Tumbleweed Connection / October 1970.

The Song: Where to now St.Peter?

Celebrating Bernie Taubin’s Far West childhood dreams, Elton John and his songwriter open the door of the American scene by proposing an album with mainly country lyrics and overtones. “Where to now St.Peter?” deals with a dying soldier (most certainly during the American Civil War) and his last issues before to pass away. Where is he going? Heaven or Hell?

“So where to now St. Peter

If it’s true I’m in your hands

I may not be a Christian

But I’ve done all one man can

I understand I’m on the road

Where all that was is gone

So where to now St. Peter

Show me which road I’m on”

Official Website : http://www.eltonjohn.com


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