//K.I.Z. „Hurra Die Welt Geht Unter“ – 2015

It’s finally time for K.I.Z! This controversial german hip-hop Band consists of the three Rappers @maxim_kaizett, @kekupdate and @tarek_kaizett. 2005 they released their first album, “Das RapDeutschlandKettensägenMassaker“ and since the beginning of the band they had to face a lot of backlash about the lyrics because of their use of pornographic language and disturbing way to describe messed up situations. Their latest album from 2015 “Hurra die Welt geht unter”, is not an exception, but deals with more political content than their other albums. The lyrics always tend to be sarcastic or humorous ironic, so the boys start the album with the song “Wir”, in which they called themselves God and even arrogantly claim to be the creator of German humor.

One of the most disturbing songs must be “Käfigbett”. It tells the story of a newborn baby which is angry with its parents because they brought it in such a broken society and world. The baby starts fantasying about killing them.
The title song of the album was a huge success. Its refrain was song by the singer of the band @annenmaykantereit and the lyrics about an apocalypse, which brought happiness to the survivors, kind of met a nerve of the young German generation which is skeptical about the capitalistic society.
So if you are not easily offended you have to listen their music!

Official Website : http://www.k-i-z.com/


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