//The Scorpions „Animal Magnetism“ – 1980

The German band Scorpions realesed in 1980 a seventh album, “Animal Magnetism”. With less Ballade (“Lady starlight”) and purer hard-rock, this album follows on from the success of “Lonedrive” (1977), although being gloomier. The cover, a mix between machismo and erotism, was really controversial but all the same allowed. “That one was funny. I don’t think we figured it out. We just knew there was something rude somewhere”, said the graphic designer Storm Elvin Thorgeson (who also worked with the Pink Floyd for “Wish You Where Here”, Black Sabbath, Peter Gabriel, Genesis or Muse). The album’s inspiration came from the experience that the group from Hanover in the USA made. The song “The Zoo”, taking place in the famous 42th street in New York, will become one of their best-known song. They made this album in only 3 months. “Dirty and animalistic” said the guitarist Rudolf Schenker about it. The singer, Klaus Meine, suffered with polyps and wasn’t able to be as powerful as in the past. But the global impression is still really good and “Animal Magnetism” is part of the dynamic of the band which will lead to the monster-hit “Still loving you” in 1984.

Official Website : http://www.the-scorpions.com/


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